Praise Him, or the Stones Will Cry Out

Hello everyone Matt Harvey here!!

On the last weekend of deer season the Good Lord blessed me with another opportunity to go hunting on Sat pm. I didn't see a thing and come to think of it, I didn't even see any of those pesky squirrels that all of us hunters know so well. The longer I sat there the more I realized, hey I'm not going to take another deer but I reflected back on the whole season and thanked God for the two deer he blessed me with. They filled the cooler and my family and I have been enjoying that wonderful venison ever since. As I sat there that pm I began to listen to all of Gods Wonders going on around me. The sound of that running water flowing down the creek that laid just in front of me. There was an overcast that day and the wind blew through the tops of those oaks and pine trees every few seconds. Later, an old owl cried out to the night time that slowly approached.

The Bible tells us in Luke chapter 19:28-40 the story of Jesus riding in to Jerusalem on a donkey. The multitudes welcomed him with praises and worship shouting hosanna, hosanna. The High Priests of the temple rebuked them and told Jesus to tell them to be quiet but Jesus answered them and said "If I tell them to cease the very stones at your feet would cry out". The next time you're hunting or on that lake fishing or just taking a stroll in the good old outdoors, take a minute and listen. You will hear nature praising and worshiping its Creator, for I truly tell you the very stones at your feet will cry out.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

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